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Pipeline Management & Analytics
designed for small & medium-sized businesses

Input | Assign | Track | Analyze


New leads/opportunities are input into the bid form.  The bid form includes project specifics, client information, bid due date,  and customizable inputs such as bid type, bid format, assigned estimator and bid status.  BidStreak will automatically

assign a bid number after the bid form is completed. 


When new bids are input into the system, they will be assigned to a specific person.  This person will receive a notification email that they have been assigned a new bid.  The assigned team member will also receive notification emails when bid due date is approaching and follow up reminders for bids that are still marked as "under review" status.


As the bid advances, the user will update the bid status towards the outcome of the bid.  Default bid status is "In Progress", "Under Review", "Approved", "Declined" or "Cancelled".  The user and their team can review the statuses of all bids in the pipeline to ensure all bid opportunities are advancing in a timely manner.


The bid data from the pipeline is pushed into the dashboard and the reporting features to provide your team with key performance indicators (KPI) of your company's sales performance.  The reporting feature includes configurable bid summary reports, estimator/sale performance and client history reports.

How We Started
We didn't just create it. We use it and improve it - everyday.

BidStreak was created by a group of small business owners searching for a smarter and simpler way to organize clients, track leads, and analyze outcomes. Frustrated with using expensive programs that were hard to use and didn't meet their needs, the founders of BidStreak decided to create their own SaaS platform.

BidStreak is designed to "keep it simple", so you can focus on the important things that make your company efficient and profitable. Complicated and repetitive tasks are eliminated with automation, custom alerts, and smart notifications. Client information and bid history is centralized into your client directory. Finally, BidStreak converts all of your bid & client data and turns it into smart analytics to provide the key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to make better and more informed decisions.

The result is a seamless, affordable pipeline management + analytics platform that is intuitively simple and increases your team's productivity. We encourage anyone who has been frustrated with the other expensive and complicated software to try BidStreak. Minutes spent with BidStreak make it immediately clear that this is how pipeline management software should work.

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